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about us

Filmmakers. Authors. Storytellers.
We are Anna and Michael, two modern nomads travelling the world, who collected hundreds of hours of footage and countless pages of diary in Nepal during the pandemic to share with you today. With camera and notepad in our luggage, we documented our encounters with people who never lost their connection to nature. Creative thinking in book and film needed time and leisure. The pandemic gave us both, as we were stranded in the Himalayas for a month-long lockdown. We got close to the people around us and the stories gradually came to us. Trust grew and strangers warmly opened doors into their lives to us. While in our previous lives the time factor was always scarce, the focus was now set anew: on the silent, otherwise undiscovered wonders of this world.

Dive with us into a foreign "micro cosmos" and learn what devotion, trust and humility mean!

Anna Baranowski

Anna Baranowski / Künstlerin und Filmemacherin / Namaste Himalaya
Visual Artist & Filmmaker

"The two talented filmmakers Anna Baranowski and Michael Moritz".

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