Namaste Corona! Wie ein Dorf in Nepal mir die Welt öffnete - Michael Moritz - MALIK

Namaste Corona!

How a village in Nepal opened the world to me.
Namaste Corona! Wie ein Dorf in Nepal mir die Welt öffnete - Michael Moritz - MALIK

A book by Michael Moritz
Publisher MALIK
€ 18,00 [GER], € 18,50 [AT]
Released on 28 July 2022

224 pages, gatefold brochure

EAN 978-3-89029-563-3

Stranded in the Himalayas - how the inner journey begins
when the outer journey comes to a halt

Meeting point Himalayas: This is where the carefree globetrotter Michael has come to see his travel partner Anna again. Months have passed since they last met - months in which Michael travelled thousands of kilometres, always by land, lived in a monastery in China and taught orphans in Myanmar. Now the two soulmates want to find out whether their relationship will last by trekking together. Plans have been made for a long time, a hike around the Annapurna is on the agenda, they already have the visas for India and Pakistan in their pockets. But then the Corona lockdown surprises the two in Nepal. When the police seal off the towns, Michael and Anna flee in a hurried scooter ride to a small mountain village. There, at the foot of the eight-thousanders, they find refuge and a corrugated iron sheet over their heads.


At first they don't have much to say to each other, and in the village they are called "Corona", because the western travellers bring the virus. Then beggars, vendors and mountain guides become neighbours. Food becomes scarce, hunger sets in. Everyone has to go to the fields to grow rice. They share lentils, help build a stable for the oxen, laugh at their clumsiness and survive a terrible storm in which landslides sweep a neighbouring family to their deaths. You get to glimpse how the pandemic affects the lives of ordinary families and get close to the people and their individual fates. The month-long lockdown allows them to gain deep insights into the life of their Nepalese neighbours. In the process, the two change: from travellers on their trip around the world, from insecure people stranded in a foreign country to students of a philosophy of life that is close to nature and practises acceptance.


More and more, the focus shifts from themselves to the community of fate with which they are stranded and of which they become a part. In the process, the two previously unattached loners not only find true friends, but also love for each other.  


Straying from the path to find the path: A stirring account of what can happen when you allow yourself to accept the unchangeable.