Der PIPER Reader Herbst 2022 Namaste Corona! Michael Moritz

The PIPER Reader

Autumn 2022

"Meeting point Kathmandu: This is where globetrotter Michael has come to see Anna again. Since their last encounter..."

(PIPER Reader, pages 112-119)


Autumn Programme 2022

Adventure and Travel

"Stranded in the Himalayas: Of travelling in times of pandemic".
(MALIK Autumn Programme,

page 10-11)

MALIK Herbstprogramm / Namaste Corona! Michael Moritz
Namaste Himalaya Michael Moritz
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It made
me humble

"Michael Moritz was stranded in Nepal with his girlfriend Anna Baranowski for almost six months." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, March 9th, 2021)

Namaste Himalaya / Namaste Corona! Anna Baranowski und Michael Moritz
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Refuge in the Himalayas

A log by
Monika Maier-Albang

"A German couple is sitting out the pandemic with farmers in Nepal. They are helping out in the fields and working on a film project."
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 29, 2020)

Namaste Himalaya / Namaste Corona! Anna Baranowski und Michael Moritz

Stranded in the Himalayas

A report by Michael Moritz

"Globetrotter Michael Moritz is currently stuck in Nepal. From the mountain paradise he reports on the parallels between his trip and the current crisis at home."
(Outdoor magazine, April 6, 2020)

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Two vegans from Kaiserslautern cycle to the North Cape

A report by Thea Konrad

"Michael Moritz and Julian Völk cycled 4500 kilometers from Steinwend to Norway to the North Cape. The two adventurers mostly drew their muscular strength from sorted vegetables from supermarkets."

(Die Rheinpfalz, September 25, 2020)

Namaste Himalaya / Anna Baranowski und Michael Moritz
Auf dem Jakobsweg / ARTE / Mein härtester Weg / ZDF / Michael Moritz

The Way of St James

by Susanne Bohlmann
Michael Moritz as the protagonist
and Anna Baranowski as camerawoman

Get out of everyday life, get out of your comfort zone: With its 800 kilometers, the Camino Frances is a challenging journey through France and Spain - and to yourself. (ARTE, 2020)