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micro cosmos film

Independent production company for documentary films
Just as the light of a match flame illuminates the world for a brief moment, light also breaks through our camera lens and gives us deep insights into worlds previously unknown to us. In our snapshots, we always look at each "micro cosmos" from our own personal perspective and let you share in this rediscovery of simplicity.

We are Anna and Michael, two travelling storytellers who founded their independent documentary production company during the pandemic's forced standstill. We dug through the mass of footage, wrote scripts and went into editing for months to turn our collection of shots into a film. Almost three years after starting a long journey, the road has now brought us to a beautiful point. We will release our debut documentary Namaste Himalaya in cinemas across Germany in the summer of 2022.
Independent production company for documentary films
by Anna Baranowski & Michael Moritz
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Namaste Corona micro cosmos film Anna Baranowski Michael Moritz Nepal ARTE Auf dem Jakobsweg

Namaste Himalaya

How a village in Nepal opened the world to us.
Who would have guessed that in the world's highest
mountains of the world, a tiny virus, even smaller than a grain of sand, would force two world travellers to come to a standstill.

"With tremendously poetic images and a thoughtful, almost literary off-text
the two document everyday life in the village and the magic of nature." (epd-film)

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