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A film by Anna Baranowski, Michael Moritz & Julian Völk
Documentary in post-production / 2020
DEU / DNK / SWE / NOR / trailer and broadcast date to be announced
Arms thrown wide up to the sky, a fresh polar breeze in your hair and the day’s last sunrays warming your face. „Freedom“ you dare the world to argue as your cry echoes through the boundless Norwegian landscape. Julian and Michael have left their old lives behind. The former workmates and friends from student days throw off all their ballast and want to get out of their energy-depleting career treadmill. They are tired of playing roles, so they simply quit their jobs, give up their apartments and put their lives into the small luggage bags on their bikes. Their dream: to cycle together via an Scandinavian detour to Iran. The two vegans mostly drew their muscular strength from sorted out vegetables from supermarkets and even discarded food from the dumpster. In addition to wonderful encounters with locals and immersing themselves in breathtaking landscapes, the adventurers often catch up with their own past and the harsh reality of the icy Scandinavian nights. In spite of their life in the greatest possible independence and almost endless nature, this extreme experience gnaws at her energy. The goals set together unfold a concentrated explosive cocktail. Confronted with their own egos, the bike tour becomes a profound journey into their inner universe.
The 90-minute travel documentary is currently in post-production.
Information about the broadcast will follow.
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