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Julian Völk

Director. Traveller. Storyteller.
Julian Völk, born in Bocholt in 1992, spent his childhood in Dresden. In addition to his job as a tourism manager in the Palatinate, he directs together with Anna Baranowski & Michael Moritz his first documentary "Driven - Slowly, but always forward". During his studies in Saarbrücken, he got to know Michael, which resulted in a deep, long-term friendship and many trips together. From now on, the adventurer from Kaiserslautern is driven by his childlike curiosity for the secrets of this world. His love of travel finds its gaze through the camera, in order to satisfy the sheer endless lust for life and fascination for foreign worlds.
The 90-minute documentary "Driven" documents what is probably the most adventurous summer of two globetrotters, Julian Völk & Michael Moritz, with all its ups and downs.
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