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Children of Nature

A film by Anna Baranowski & Michael Moritz
Documentary in post-production / 2020 / DEU / RUS / MNG / CHN / THA / MMR / IND / NPL
Trailer and broadcast date will follow
Since his youth, Michael has felt a deep connection to nature and simplicity. But as is so often the case in the western world, his life story is mainly written by the performance society in which he was born. School, German Abitur, apprenticeship, bachelor, master and finally starting a career as a young manager. The pace is always high, just like the goals that have been set. The reward for this life: recognition, the feeling of belonging and the feedback that you are normal. But then stress begins to paralyse him and at the same time he can no longer bear the otherwise sacred calm to compensate him, he decides to leave his old life behind: job and apartment gone, furniture given away and sold, clothes sorted out, savings contracts and health insurance cancelled and finally signed off from Germany. Now it's finally time to follow the quiet inner voice that has always been there - regardless of where the journey is heading to. From now on, his life should fit into a large backpack. With light luggage he sets off into the wide world. Without even flying once, he wants to make it to a monastery in Asia to find what he's been looking for, for a long time. This journey takes him to his own limits and often beyond. As if with children's eyes, open and easy, he explores completely alien ways of life and thereby realizes that there is much more to see in life than his usual, westernized view of things showed him for the last 30 years. Whether with Mongolian nomads, Chinese Shaolin monks or orphans in Myanmar, his encounters with people from all over the world bring his previous world-view into a new light.
A documentary about a seeker who has never really arrived in the westernized consumer society and who embarks on a long journey far away and at the same time into his interior.
The 90-minute travel documentary is currently in post-production.
Information about the broadcast will follow.
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