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The vision

Trust. Together. Voluntariness.
"On our journey around the world, we often ask the people we meet: 'Why do you share everything with us? Why do you help people who you will never see again?' The answer is simple and unquestionable at the same time: 'Because we, as inhabitants of earth, are part of a whole and are therefore all connected to one another.' To help without expecting anything is a quality which we would like to practice more ourselves. When humanity is lived, an eternal cycle of give and take grows out of it.

With every journey we embark upon, with every country we rediscover, our trust solidifies that people are always part of a larger structure. It is precisely this philosophy that we would like to carry into our production company for documentary films. Based on voluntary and direct cooperation, everyone can become part of our projects. We work with a lot of heart to use our own tools and to incorporate them into the films in order to inspire, remove prejudices and build bridges.

With our own savings and light luggage, we travelled around distant countries for two years, collecting hundreds of hours of film material. The focus of the trip was always our personal experiences. Thinking in films took time and leisure. We decided to stay in places for a long time. Instead of just travelling around, we always wanted to immerse ourselves in new cultures. The camera became a loyal companion. We came close to the people around us and the stories gradually came to us. The trust grew and the supposed strangers opened the doors into their lives for us. While in our previous lives time was always scarce, the focus has now been redefined: on the silent, undiscovered wonders of this world. With each of our films we become part of others, immerse ourselves in a 'micro cosmos' that was previously foreign to us. Just with small camera kit we capture and learn devotion, trust and togetherness.

Almost two years after the start of the long journey, the path has brought us to a beautiful point. Humility grows. We are in the rough cut for our debut documentary Namaste Corona. We rummage through the mass of film material, write scripts and turn our collection of images into a real film. We are driven by the desire is to share the finished film with you… no matter whether through cinema, TV or stream.
The scripts for Drive and Children of Nature have already been written. The plan: we will pass on the stories that happened to us. Our dream: to be independent of orders, broadcast formats or other system-made rules that tend to dictate how films should look like today. We want to tell stories in our very own language, because our whole heart is in this.
Just as we have become so intensely part of some lives over the past few years, you too can, if you want so, become part of our micro comsos. Your donations will help to make the stories accessible to many people. With every support you give us your trust that we can use our own tools to do something useful somewhere else.

…The eternal cycle of give and take.
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